Wednesday, September 5, 2012

BLOGGER ... Don't do this to meeeeeeeeee!!

Hellllllloooooooooooooo.. I'm writing REALLY REALLY quick to ..

a) lets yall know I'm alive. i repeat. I AM ALIVE!! so so so so sorry I've been MIA x 10000000000!! But i'm back and I want to get this blog going again!!!!

with that being said...

b) i'm trying to get my new background uploaded and header and it's just going south! I am horrible with installing codes and I am so confused that I messed up my page

annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd lost my update!!! :: insert screams and tantrum here:: OMGGGGGGGGG.. somehow.. i can't find it. I had't finished it yet so it wasn't too bad. But still!!!

ugh.. I MISS MY BLOG!!! I REALLY REALLY DO!!! so I'm going to get home and work on these codes.. it's saying that I have a shabby background.. which i never even inserted!! so now I'm trying to find my shabby code widget and delete it so my new background will come in.. oyyy vay!!! i need a drink!!!

but im here friends!!! thank you to those who have asked, worried, commented on where the heck I'm at!!! I'm here!!! and yes i took time off... but I want to come baaaaaaaaaack!!



I just HAVE to tell my story and give these wonderful ladies my update on...

my cutie patoooootie loveable sweet cuddly amazing incredible handsome boy,


friends... you're not going to belive this but.. he's 4 months now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i want to go into detail on his birth story and what's been going on but I am at work and technically my work blocks this site but i overpassed it.. u know..being the rebel that I am.. eeeekkkkk.. so I must close this now and get back to work

buuuuuuuuuuuuuut... i do wanna include a picture of my lil one... ready?!?!?! 

here he is ladies.. i present to you...

Mateo... he just turned 4 months on Tuesday ...

say hello to everyone Mattie!!!!!  (we call him that too)

I can't wait to tell yall more!!!!

xoxo!!! much love to sooooooooooo many of you!!! ahhhhhh.. i miss everyone!!


beccasfamilyof5 said...

SO PLEASED to see you back. Congratulations on your little man. He is just beautiful. Very well done and welcome to mommyhood. It sure sounds like you are finding the ride a good one. :)

Rebecca said...

He is adorable! CONGRATS!!!! I'm so glad you are back :) I need to get my blog going again too!

Mrs. E said...

Hi Mateo, you certainly are a cutie!!!

Sarah said...

AHHH! Hi! So glad you posted! Mateo is ADORABLEEEE!! xo

BMar said...

Yay your back! Mateo is adorable!

Melissa said...

So happy to see this post! Mateo is so handsome!

Laura said...

Woohoo!! I was sooooo happy to see your post :) congratulation he's so handsome!!

MrsV said...

Welcome back :) hope to hear more about your gorgeous little man soon <3

Endo_Life said...

So glad to see your post and that your little man is 4 months old. I was worried about you!

Maria said...

you know how excited i am you are coming back!!! that little collage of matteo is so cute...he is always smiley and so happy - i just want to squeeze him and hug him!
i will be emailing ya later, sisterbear! hope you're having a beautiful cool day in tx! i love you!!!

Leah said...

I probably still have your code for your design you did with me...if you're interested :)

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